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Vlogs from 'Vlog, Edit, Upload' workshop run by Agi K @MozFest

Here is Agi K's vlog from MozFest 2016 and below are some of the 50 second Vlogs made by participants in the 20 minute Vlogging race from the 'Learning to vlog live events' workshop with Agi K at MozFest 2016
The workshop gave key tips and skills with video demonstrations (also are also included here for students' future reference)
The workshops included a hands on learning experience with a 20 minute vlogging race, these are a few of the vlogs that were made by the clock in a total of 40 minutes including all editing on a phone with basic editing software. The aim was not to produce a polished end piece, but to gain confidence and be confident in technical and broadcasting skills to be able to broadcast live news events from wherever you are with the simplest of kit.
The Art of Vlogging workshop and the 1,2,3, Vlog, Edit, Upload workshop was delivered by Agi K in the Digital Arts and Culture Space at MozFest 2016
More info. about the workshop over on the blog

MozFest 2016

Mozilla Festival 2016 a short vlog/film live from the festival of the open internet. Building, debating and exploring the future of a healthy internet. I vlogged and filmed this, whilst attending the inspirational three day MozFest where I delivered two workshops 'The Art of Vlogging' and '1,2,3, Vlog Edit Upload' in the Digital Arts and Culture space.
I've put this short film together to give a taste of what you can get out of and contribute to this awesome festival which is all about weilding the web for good.
The spaces at the festival are learning hubs clustered within these themes; Digital Arts & Culture, Journalism, Open Science, Open badges, Fuel the Movement, Localisation, Youth Zone, Demystify the web, Dilemmas in connected spaces, Mozex (art exhibit).
5 key issues being tackled in the zones at MozFest are Online privacy & security, Open Innovation, Decentralisation, Web Literacy and Digital Inclusion.
There were also dialogues and debates from key speakers. There were over 50 countries represented and sessions took place in 6 languages. It was situated at Ravensbourne College, next to the O2.
Thanks to everyone I interviewed, chatted and collaborated with, thanks to all the facilitators and organisers. A huge thanks to all at Mozilla for gathering so many passionate people together and creating the friendliest environment for sharing and connecting ideas and making them happen.
For more info:
My blog post accompanying this film at



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