1. Ben Talpos - What God wants to tell us

    1. That above all mankind’s advancements, God’s way of getting our attention is unstoppable. Nahum 1:3-5

    2. That in-spite of what anyone in this world thinks, He is still God on the throne.
    Psalm 14:1-2, 46:10

    3. That in the middle of the best material prosperity, we need to repent and turn to Him. Matthew 4:17

    4. That in any situation He remains our immutable source of peace and strength. John 14:27

  2. Ciprian Indries - Fear not

  3. Paul Prunean - Maintaining a Clear Christian Conscience in a Crooked Generation

  4. Ben Talpos - Not too young

  5. Davide Belibov - Devotion

  6. Paul Prunean - The Limitations of Life and the Danger of Blind “Passion” / John 9:1-7

    The limits of the Law keep us in check whenever we are out of line vv.1-3
    The Two-Fold Function of the Law:
    To stop those who do evil
    To help those who do good

    The limits of time keep us from becoming lazy,
    wasteful, and unproductive vv.4-5
    Literal: “We only have so much time in a day”
    Allegorical: “We only have so much time in life”

    The limits of our understanding keep us
    leaning on God vv.6-73