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REZA ABDOH - Full Productions 1989-1993

Reza Abdoh (1963-1995) was an Iranian-born American theatre director and playwright known for his groundbreaking, experimental productions. Abdoh died of AIDS in 1995 at the age of 32, having created an impressive body of stage spectacles known for their sensory overload, ferocious energy and hallucinatory dreamscapes. Abdoh was an enigmatic and prolific creative force and with his company, Dar A Luz, formed in 1991, he created productions that have made a major impact on experimental theatre worldwide and whose influences are still being felt and talked about to this day.

BOGEYMAN (1991) - Los Angeles - Created and Directed by Reza Abdoh

Bogeyman premiered at the Los Angeles Theater Center, August 1991

Carl Burkley: A Wounded Bird.
Sandie Crisp: Grandma/Fairy Godmother
Cliff Diller: Boy With Green Hair
Tom Fitzpatrick: The Father
Juliana Francis: Mother/Stepmother/Nurse
C. Gerod Harris: Son, Blake
Peter Jacobs: Son, Billy
Ken Roht: Son, Bugle Boy/Lorna
Tom Pearl: Blake's Lover/Hilda
Steffan Santoro: Starlet
Anthony Torn: The Fifth Savior/A Serial Killer

Producer Diane White. Sets Timian Alsaker. Lights Rand Ryan. Costumes Marianna Elliott. Sound Raul Vincent Enriquez, W. Galen Wade. Cellist Michael Black. Video Adam Soch. Choreography Ken Roht. Hair and makeup Elena Maluchin Breckenridge. Assistant director Alyson Campbell. Production Stage Manager Elsbeth M. Collins



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