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Wedding & Private Event Videography

By the late 1990s Wedding Videography had expanded beyond documentation of weddings. The majority of wedding videographers preferred to add the additional term of "event" to their description of service. New offerings such as Love Stories, Photo Montages (a retrospective collection of photographs set to music), music videos, family biographies appeared. Anniversaries, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs graduations and many other one-time events were also being documented in large numbers on video. The general skill level of the industries members improved and post-production capabilities reflected the standards of commercial productions. As the industry grew the consumer began to have options, both in the length and the level of creativity, for how their event was portrayed.

  1. Wedding (Demo 1)

  2. Bat Mitzvah (Entrance) Skit Video

    Specifically conceptualized and produced as an "entrance" video for a Bat Mitzvah

  3. Photo Montage



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