When the Dead Live Group Study

Welcome to the study of When The Dead Live. My name is Connie Jakab and I am an urban missionary living in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. For the past 10 years, I have been dwelling among urban artists in my city; eating with them, creating theatre with them, jamming with them, and doing life with them. When I first stepped out from the safety of the four walls of my church to live among such as these, to say it was a shock is an understatement. I knew everything I needed to know about the theology of the gospel but I had a very hard time translating it to my new mission field. This study is to help you, and those in your church know the gospel of Jesus that is still very much relevant to the people in your world today.

SESSION FIVE: Do This and Remember Me

SESSION FIVE: Do This and Remember Me
From the chapters “Released, Favoured, Rebuilt and Renamed”.

What are some practical things you can do to share the gospel with your world around you? In this video find out some practical tools you can use.

Watch the video “Do This and Remember Me” and discuss the following ….

1. You can only give away what you have. Which Jesus are you revealing to the world around you? A Churchianity or Christ?

2. How can you “take off the death clothes” of those around you?

3. What would it look like to “break” for others? Does that mean laying down stereotypes, prejudices? Does it mean being willing to go to places you would never be willing to before? Are we really willing to walk in the steps of our Saviour who broke for us?

4. What is in your hand? What natural skills and interests do you have? What do you see around you as for needs and opportunities? Can you see your world through missionary eyes?

5. Do you see how your regular life or job can be used for the gospel as well? What about your employment? Business? Where you live? When you can’t “preach the gospel” how are you sharing it?

You’ve come to the end of the study. What has God been challenging you with? Share this and pray together.