When the Dead Live Group Study

Welcome to the study of When The Dead Live. My name is Connie Jakab and I am an urban missionary living in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. For the past 10 years, I have been dwelling among urban artists in my city; eating with them, creating theatre with them, jamming with them, and doing life with them. When I first stepped out from the safety of the four walls of my church to live among such as these, to say it was a shock is an understatement. I knew everything I needed to know about the theology of the gospel but I had a very hard time translating it to my new mission field. This study is to help you, and those in your church know the gospel of Jesus that is still very much relevant to the people in your world today.

SESSION FOUR: Are We Sharing the Gospel of Self Improvement?

SESSION FOUR: Are We Sharing the Gospel of Self Improvement?
This is based on the chapter “Self Improved”

Many of us have bought into a gospel more about self-improvement than about God’s plan. What does a gospel of self-improvement look like? Find out more in this video.

Watch the video “Are We Sharing the Gospel of Self Improvement?” and discuss the following ….

1. What’s finished?
2. Do you feel our Christian world has bought into a gospel of self-improvement?

3. In what ways do you find yourself attempting to “fix” yourself or redeem yourself?

4. Is there any particular group of people you find hard to believe Jesus invites to His table? Muslims? LGBTQ2? Transgender? Metaphysicals, racists, Buddhists? Do you see any unwanted prejudice there?

5. An angel had to show up to Peter to let him know that what Cornelius’s family ate really wasn’t an issue to God. What about today? What are some issues we may find ourselves in Peter’s place - it’s a big deal to us but not to God?

6. Have you been living like God is a God of grace or a God of Karma (Payback for good or bad)

Take time to think about a group of people that you don’t normally interact with. What could you pray for about them? Ask the Holy Spirit for insight. What could you do this week to interact with that group of people? Pray for boldness.