360|intersect 2013

Recordings of our inaugural 360|intersect event.

360|intersect 2013 - Mike Lee - Insane and Back Again

Just a few years ago, Mike Lee was a perfectly sane, if slightly flamboyant, Apple engineer. That is, until he ventured from the hallowed halls of Infinite Loop to see a bit of the world.What followed was a multi-year adventure of meeting new people, having new experiences, and being exposed to new ideas.
There’s no sense putting yourself out there if you aren’t willing to let yourself be a little “out there,” suspending disbelief and rational thought, at least for a little while.
But all such periods must come to an end, and when they do, we’re left wondering what was real, what really happened, and what, if anything, any of it means.
We’ll explore the spiritual side of programming, looking at the universe and our place within it, as App Makers, as engineers, as artists.
Join the World’s Toughest Programmer in this unique and candid look at technology from the edge of insanity, at the only technology conference in the world where “the crazy ones” are still welcome.

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