[360|iDev min] 2016

Sessions from the best small iOS/Mac event around. All the awesome community connection of 360|iDev condensed into a single room and two days.

Alicia Carr: Using your super powers for good

Look around you, there is always something that needs changing, What fight are you willing to take on? the discussion is about seeing a problem and coming up with a solution, identify a problem, research a problem, solve a problem. These tool can be used to change the world.

Description: Sounds a bit too good to be true doesn’t it?
An app to save the world?
Some social change apps are not only created to providing a single service to the user, but also to create a social change, increase awareness about a cause and enable users to take action in support of it.

With the boom in use of smart phones, we have seen a corresponding growth in number of available apps, some of which are being leveraged for social change.

Purple Evolution, Inc. (PEVO) formerly The Purple Pocketbook, was established as an effort to empower women experiencing domestic violence with the essential tools required to develop a safe, secure exit plan. As someone who’s had family and friends fall victim to domestic violence, Alicia wants her app to help the millions suffering from abuse across the country.