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360|iDev 2017 Public Session Recordings

Session recordings from 360|iDev 2017, the annual gathering of iOS/Mac Developers from around the world in Denver, CO.

Joe Cieplinski - Getting Past No: The Science of Moving Others

About 1 in 9 people work in sales. But if you’re one of the other 8, you might be surprised to learn that you’re actually in sales, too. Whether we’re pitching design comps to clients, convincing the team to add a third-party library to our codebase, or trying to negotiate for a raise, we all need to move others to act in one way or another from time to time. It’s unavoidable; you simply can’t advance in your career or business without learning to convince others of your point of view.

(What about the solo indie developers? No boss to convince? No clients to pitch? How about getting customers to actually buy your apps? Oh yeah. Forgot about them, didn’t you?)

Unfortunately, most of us aren’t very comfortable with the notion of moving others. We hide behind our laptops, secure in our offices or “wired in” with our headphones at cafés. That’s okay. I spend most of my time that way, too.

But we can’t run forever. Sooner or later, our inability to motivate others will bite us. I learned this the hard way. Don’t make the same mistake.

Becoming better at moving others involves getting over your fear of rejection, learning to empathize with others, and getting lots of practice. In this talk, we’ll explore all three, and learn some practical tips on how to improve our sales skills. Don’t worry: there won’t be any snake oil involved. Just a little bit of psychology and some good advice on how to make others see how right you are most of the time.

Successful salespeople aren’t any smarter than you, and they don’t possess any sort of magic that you can’t access. Moving others is a science and an art. And just like programming or design, it can be learned.

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