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360|iDev 2017 Public Session Recordings

Session recordings from 360|iDev 2017, the annual gathering of iOS/Mac Developers from around the world in Denver, CO.

Jeff Kelley - Advanced Dates and Times in Swift

As a developer who's been bitten time and time again by Daylight Saving Time and related bugs, by now you've mastered the art of wrangling dates and times in Swift. Or have you? This talk will cover some of the more inscrutable topics of dates and times: how many seconds are there in a particular year? How do I get a notification to fire at exactly 9:00 AM on the user's phone? What if my user isn't using the Gregorian calendar and I want to draw a calendar? In this talk, we'll cover all this and more, drawing on the Swift standard library and Apple's system SDKs to manipulate the very fabric of time itself or at least it'll _feel_ that way by the time we're done.

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