360|iDev 2016

360|iDev 2016 session recordings.

Kirk Chambers and Derek Rozycki - Can you Test it

In this talk we are going to discuss how to test an app without a dedicated QA team, mainly target toward smaller development shops where formal QA hasn’t been established. This talk is meant to be a higher-level overview into general QA process; it is not meant to be a highly technical dive into automation tools and unit tests. A general list of topics we plan to cover are listed below:

Thinking outside happy path
Thinking about every entrance into a view both within the app and from outside app (deeplinks versus in-app navigation)
Thinking about different use cases; ie: someone in the app for a LONG time versus someone who opens it for 30 seconds once a day
Thinking about which devices are supported; size classes, OS levels, screen resolutions, hardware capabilities, etc
Thinking about externalities; network conditions, power levels, server endpoints 404’ing, null (or unexpected) data
Data persistence, data mutation, data stabilities
Upgrade testing – different upgrade paths, Database migrations
Repeated testing; ie: Verifying data race conditions aren’t an issue
Developing an appreciation for Ad-Hoc testing (ie: Before release always have a feeling like you are missing something and take an extra 15 minutes)
Developing a hatred for Ad-Hoc testing (non-rigorous testing)
Checklists, and why you should use them