360|iDev 2016

360|iDev 2016 session recordings.

Florian Harr - On The Shoulder Of Giants: How To Properly Mentor A Junior Developer

This is the talk I wish some of my mentors in the past would have attended as it would have saved many painful hours.
Everyone these days seems to be mentoring, but what makes for a good mentor? Who better to answer than an over-mentored junior developer?
In the past six years, I have, quite frankly, been overly mentored while going through university, internships, companies, business foundations and many other situations where someone possibly could have mentored me. Some of the mentoring I have received was great, and some was closer to the other end of the spectrum. While there has been much written about this topic, most tend to fall short in listening to the receiving end of a mentor – mentee relationship. This talk will be the anti-matter to that, aimed to give first-hand experience from someone that knows mentors.
Helping beginners to grow is an essential part for any company to stay vital and fresh, yet many fail to acquire and train new talent, or they do not see their mistakes in hindsight. This talk provides insight by giving the missing retrospective by telling the other side of the story.