360|iDev 2016

360|iDev 2016 session recordings.

Ben DiFrancesco - Compilers aren’t magic, so let’s build one in Swift

You use a compiler in your work everyday, and every now and then, you wonder how they work or even think of creating one. But you stop there. After all, isn’t writing a compiler a form of dark magic only accessible to wizards with names like Ritchie or Lattner? NO!

Compilers are NOT magic, and here’s a secret: neither is anything else. Come and see for yourself as we demystify the process by stepping through the implementation of a compiler for a BASIC-like language in Swift. You’ll learn some things that will be helpful even if you never work on a “real” compiler. You’ll also be reminded that abstractions exist to make life easier, NOT to act as barriers which only the chosen few are smart enough to breach.

You’ll get the most out of this talk if you’re comfortable with Swift. You absolutely do NOT need to have any experience with creating a compiler, parser, lexer, or anything of the sort.