360|iDev 2016

360|iDev 2016 session recordings.

Charles Perry - An Indie’s Guide to Building Profitable Apps

Making a living in the App Store is harder than ever for indies these days. Every category of app is cluttered with competition and customers seem less willing than ever to pay for our products. The golden days when just about any quality app could support a single developer are long gone. But there is still hope. With a little foresight, independent app developers can significantly increase their chance of finding success by doing a few things right before they even open Xcode.

In this presentation we will develop a framework that indie developers can use to evaluate app ideas and determine which of those ideas have the best chance of supporting them and their businesses. We will discuss how selling to a niche can turn the disadvantage of being a one-person team into an asset, the importance of recurring revenue, and why choosing the right market is the most important thing you can do to maximize your chance of success as an indie app developer.