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360|iDev 2015

Sessions recorded at the annual 360|iDev conference.

Gene Whitaker - Magic Words – Harnessing the Power of TextKit

Despite the media-rich experience our modern iOS devices offer, so much of our interaction and communication today is through text. For those of us whose apps primarily interact with text, TextKit is a game-changer. TextKit was introduced two years ago with iOS 7, but surprisingly has had little coverage. I aim to change that and show you how you can use TextKit to create rich and engaging new ways for your users to interact with words. I will explore some of what I’ve learned as we’ve adapted our two flagship apps to support TextKit over the past two years. I’ll cover the basics of NSTextContainer, NSLayoutManager and NSTextStorage and then dive in with specific examples of how you can use these tools to enhance your users’ experience with advanced text styles and layout, interactivity, and even integrating text with images, audio, and other custom UI elements.
Sample code will be provided in Objective-C.



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