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360|iDev 2015

Sessions recorded at the annual 360|iDev conference.

Curtis Herbert - Designing for @1x – @3x Without Going Crazy

We’ll be talking about new workflows we can employ based on new tools from Apple and others to make designing our modern iOS apps a lot less painful. Pixel-perfect is dead, and while that’s a struggle to deal with, it’s also kinda freeing.

We’ll start by taking a good look at what happened during the changes of 2008 – now with the responsive web. There are quite a few techniques and concepts we can pull from there to help us adapt.

Apple has given us a lot of tools in the last few years to make pixel-agnostic designs a reality – asset catalogs and auto layout being two main ones. This wouldn’t be a highly technical talk, but we would be showing how we can leverage Xcode tools in combination with something like Sketch to make this all easier. We’ll go over all these as we walk through my personal workflow from design to implementation to show an end-to-end approach that won’t drive people crazy.



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