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360|iDev 2015

Sessions recorded at the annual 360|iDev conference.

Kyle Richter - The Last Job

Society has since its dawn depended on humans working towards sustenance from hunter gathers to farmers. Once techniques, tools, and resources allowed for one person to generate food for many, new professions were introduced. Through the course of written history a job was a necessity providing the means to purchase goods and services.

Industrialization changed the job landscape pulling more people off farms and into factories. Globalization and the computer age have again shifted the job focus. As more and more jobs become automated how will humanity react, when it is easier and cheaper for robots and computers to perform tasks what happens to people who need to work. EasyPass, ATMs, farm science, computerized phone operators, and automotive manufacturing robots have already replaced millions of workers.

What will Google’s self driving cars, robotic surgeons, automatic pilots, and military drones do for their industries. Are there any professions that will remain safe and what will the last human job be. Come see how society may adapt to never needing to work again and the perils that come with the end of work.



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