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360|iDev 2015

Sessions recorded at the annual 360|iDev conference.

Marin Todorov - What’s in for us after the Indiepocalipse?

We’re an iOS studio of two – I code and my friend Nikolay makes all the graphics. We released our first iPhone app for iOS 3.1 and we kept putting out small fun apps for the next five years. Times were good and we thought it’s always gonna be like this in the App Store.

But now that the Indiepocalipse is upon us we’re not as happy as we used to be. Apple isn’t into indies anymore and the App Store is a slaughterhouse. For newcomer indies the App Store might look terrifying, and for small studios like us that did not grow and stayed independent and casual things are shaky at best.

Tons of developers are in a kind of limbo – what to do after the Indiepocalipse is over? What is the next logical step – try harder on the App Store, pivot, change platforms? Let’s explore some ideas together.



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