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360|iDev 2015

Sessions recorded at the annual 360|iDev conference.

Greg Heo - Switching your brain to Swift

We’re now a year into Swift. For those coming from Objective-C who are still testing the Swift waters, what do you need to do to switch your brain over to the new Swift way of thinking? What’s new, what’s the same, and what’s completely different when programming for the same platform in a new language?

Big-picture outline:
– focus on safety
– undefined behavior
– less dynamic behavior and fuzziness; more strong typing and predictability
– a little bit on Swift/Obj-C interop and how to make the transition

This talk is geared to existing Objective-C developers who haven’t taken the full dive into Swift yet. There will still be plenty for Swift and iOS beginners too, since it’s more of a “Swift philosophy” talk than a hands-on coding tutorial.



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