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360|iDev 2014

Every session that was recorded is here. over 40 hours of great content from leaders in the iOS field. Design, development, business, it's all here.


Matthew Henderson: Say Hello to the World

Through the AppStore you can sell your apps in over 150 different countries. Why would you limit your app by only tailoring your app to the US? In this talk you'll learn the basics of supporting multiple languages and locales, and be introduced the latest tools that Xcode provides to make internalizing your apps easier. Making an app feel at home for users in another country is more than just changing a few strings and this talk will cover several areas that need to be addressed such as currency and number formatters, and you'll be shown how to avoid some pitfalls which you are likely to encounter. Finally you'll get some practical tips on how to stay sane when working with an app that supports many different regions.



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