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360|iDev 2013

Session recordings from 360|iDev 2013, held in Denver, CO. The largest and longest running indie iOS developer conference in the world. Enjoy the videos, tips help cover the cost of hosting them for free (to you) on Vimeo :)

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Jay Freeman – Cycript JavaScript Debug Console for Native Apps

Cycript is an Objective-C/JavaScript bridge that supports a superset of JavaScript that allows Objective-C language features to be used to more directly access Objective-C semantics. The result is compiled back to pure JavaScript and executed on Apple's JavaScriptCore (which is now a public framework as of iOS 7). In this session, developers will see how this technology--which has been widely used by developers on jailbroken devices since 2009 (and which has been the basis of previous demos in previous talks at
360|iDev)--can be used to introspect into the iOS Simulator, as well as into running applications that will target the official App Store