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360|iDev 2013

Session recordings from 360|iDev 2013, held in Denver, CO. The largest and longest running indie iOS developer conference in the world. Enjoy the videos, tips help cover the cost of hosting them for free (to you) on Vimeo :)

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Carl Brown – Apps that Can See: Getting Data from CoreImage to Computer Vision

• You hear about the app that can solve a Rubik's Cube after you take pictures of each side? How about the one that can import Sudoku puzzles by letting you take a picture of a puzzle? Wouldn't it be cool if your apps could get information that way?
• Come and learn how to integrate image processing in your apps.We'llstartwith Apple's built-in CoreImage libraries, and then move on to open-source C libraries that let you detect colors, shapes, letters and numbers. We'll go through quite a bit of sample code that you can take with you to use in your apps.

• We'll also talk about practical tips and experiences, like how to debug and troubleshoot code when things aren't working the way you expected.