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360|iDev 2013

Session recordings from 360|iDev 2013, held in Denver, CO. The largest and longest running indie iOS developer conference in the world. Enjoy the videos, tips help cover the cost of hosting them for free (to you) on Vimeo :)

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James Jennings-Video Streaming on iOS The Gory Details

iOS has several powerful frameworks and utilities for playing, streaming and creating video. While the APIs provided by Apple are relatively simple, the underlying requirements of video files and video streaming can be daunting to developers. The knowledge about digital video gained in this session will be useful to any technologist, even beyond the scope of iOS.
In this session you will learn:
* How to choose the appropriate video technology for your app, whether you need a simple splash video for your game, or are building a rich media player
* The specifics of video file formats
* The specifics of video streaming protocols
* How to programatically create and manipulate videos in your app
Session Outline
* Overview of iOS video frameworks (MediaPlayer, AVFoundation)
* Deep dive on video format standards (MPEG-4 and its various parts, avi, ts)
* Deep dive on how to play video files (MediaPlayer vs. AVFoundation vs. HTML) * Overview of streaming technologies (HLS, RTMP, progressive HTTP)
* Deep dive on Apple's HTTP Live Streaming (HLS)
* What an end-to-end video streaming system might look like
* Deep dive of video creation with AVFoundation (as compared to UIImagePicker)