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360|iDev 2013

Session recordings from 360|iDev 2013, held in Denver, CO. The largest and longest running indie iOS developer conference in the world. Enjoy the videos, tips help cover the cost of hosting them for free (to you) on Vimeo :)

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Matthew Henderson – Swizzle Sticks — an introduction to the Objective-C runtime

 Have you ever wanted to know more about the Objective-C runtime and how you can make your code more dynamic?
Me too. One day I just decided to dive in, and the world of Cocoa and iOS can get a lot more interesting once you start to use (abuse?) the runtime. First you'll learn what's really going on with the messages you're already sending and then we'll move into the crazy, fun world of interacting with the runtime and you'll leave knowing how to swizzle methods and implement your own @dynamic properties by resolving methods at runtime.