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360|iDev 2013

Session recordings from 360|iDev 2013, held in Denver, CO. The largest and longest running indie iOS developer conference in the world. Enjoy the videos, tips help cover the cost of hosting them for free (to you) on Vimeo :)

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Joe Keeley – Thread Safely! Techniques for Safe Concurrent Programming

With Core Data, operation queues, Grand Central Dispatch, and expanded support for blocks in the iOS SDK, there are lots of way to do very fast and powerful concurrent programming, and lots of ways to get in deep crash-tastic trouble. This presentation will discuss many pitfalls encountered while building concurrent code in apps, and how to avoid them. We will cover using Core Data's managed objects and managed object contexts the right way, basic threading and queue usage, accessing objects and properties safely from multiple threads, and how to make sure using block-based methods in the iOS SDK isn't introducing a sneaky bug into your code.