Question is a six-part introduction to the Christian faith for those willing to question

Think about it, talk about it, question...

Who am I? What is life about? Why is there so much suffering in the world? If God exists, then what is he like?
Answers don’t come wrapped up and neatly packaged. There are big questions which need examining.

Question is a thought-provoking journey to stir up that sense of longing. Each episode connects our everyday experiences with the timeless truths of the Bible, providing direction for the conversation that follows.

The Question sessions are available here online to view or download, and also as a DVD resource, to enable people to explore the questions about God that are often asked early on in a journey of faith. The six sessions are:

Session 1: Create - Discovering the image of God in you
Session 2: Organic - Finding God in creation
Session 3: Trophy - Finding purpose beyond this life
Session 4: Hurt - Finding God through the pain
Session 5: Coincidence - Finding God in prayer and spirituality
Session 6: Messiah - Finding God in Christ

The discussion questions and blessings for each episode are only available on the DVD.

Copies of the DVD are available to order for £8.00 + p&p from