Short Film on Neil Ferguson

Neil Ferguson is a Artist, Lecturer and member of the Visual Arts Practice Group at Sir John Cass Department of Art, Media and Design, Metropolitan University, London. Ferguson's research interests include: structuring personal "art systems" that employ rules and strategies to track small thoughts and imagining; exploring connections and experience in reflexive and reflective actions; promoting systems of thinking and making that highlight "internal detail" in situations and objects; using extensive series of images to display the versatility of image production; serializing projects to display the obsessive nature of capturing experiences through image; placing importance on "almost nothings" and "wee thoughts," as the moments of extreme clarity that sustain art practice and its theoretical development in the composition of art events, art projects and essayistic approaches to art production ; promotion of drawing and painting, not simply as skills, but as thinking tools. He has recently taken part in the "Systems-Art and Systems-Aesthetics Conference" at the Whitechapel Art Gallery Laboratory, London.

DP Ruben Woodin Dechamps
Sound Claude Bromley
Editor Peter Bromley
Producer Ranna McArdle
Director Peter Bromley
Production 1968 Film Group