Somme Project

Official Selection: Imperial War Museum Film Festival 2014
Shortlisted for the IWM Creative Prize 2014
Official Selection: Bradford City of Film 2014
Official Selection: Centenaire de la Grande Guerre Albert France 2014

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On the Somme - "The region of Picardy in Northern France was the location of some of the heaviest fighting along the Western Front in the First World War. Peter Bromley’s cinematically rich On the Somme presents a multi-faceted depiction of the landscape of this area. Despite the unmistakable tranquillity of the region, the film conveys the sense with which the conflict and its casualties are written in to the land itself"
Imperial War Museum London

On the Somme - "The particular creative challenge of the project itself is immense – to creatively treat a period of the first world war history - a period characterized by a new phase in human barbarity - one that would produce carnage and destruction to life on an industrial, hitherto unknown scale... this brings me to think about the film as a piece of visual poetry, a poetic treatment of a changing visual landscape as much as an historical meditation. In the arresting beauty of the images, the war seems to be some distant nightmare - the many thousands of dead who were never given a proper burial still only just a footfall beneath the surface"
British Film Institute

On the Somme - "by Peter Bromley is a simultaneously intimate and cinematic survey of the landscape of Picardy, scene of some of the heaviest fighting on the Western Front. Based on still photographs that Bromley had previously taken of the scars on the landscape, the tranquillity of the piece was a subtle and moving exploration of how war becomes a part of its environment, and the longevity of its impact"
Bradford City of Film

1968 Film Group produce Featurette on the 'Battle of the Somme' filmed on location in Picardie, Northern France, across 2012. Using image and sound the film captures the landscape today where thousands perished and are still missing.

DP Ruben Woodin Dechamps
Soundtrack Stephen Oldfield, Andrew Law
Historian Adrian Jackson
Editors Peter Bromley, Ruben Woodin Dechamps
Producer Ranna McArdle, Peter Bromley
Director Peter Bromley
Production 1968 Film Group