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Various Songs: Now available On Demand:

Official Selection: New British Film Festival Moscow 2014
Official Selection: Brighton Film Festival 2014
Official Selection: Sonar Music Festival Reykjavik 2015

Peter Bromley’s new documentary Various Songs is about 2 musicians, Pete Fij, former frontman of Adorable and Polak and Terry Bickers, guitarist with The House of Love and Levitation. Both are former label-mates of Creation Records, one of the most important record companies of the 80s and 90s. The film captures a highly creative time for the pair during which they release a new album. There is footage of Pete and Terry in the studio, interviews with them and key individuals who had a role in their musical life. Bromley’s film is a unique document of two musicians who are passionate about playing and recording music.

Camera Jo Barker
Camera Claude Bromley
Sound Audrey McIlwain
Editor Alice Gunn
Assistant Justine Beckett
Producer Ranna McArdle
Director Peter Bromley
Production 1968 Film Group