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TREEFORT: The Skyship Tour

The stop-motion animation promos created for Treefort Music Fest 2014. Produced by Retroscope Media.

Treefort: The Skyship Tour, Act III

Treefort Music Fest March 20-23, 2014, Downtown Boise, ID

"T.I.B.W.F." and "Chicago Falcon" by The Budos Band
"Disco Song" by Magic Mouth
Produced by Retroscope Media
Directed by Zach Voss
Production Design and Fabrication by Willow Socia
Animation and Photography by Hutt Wigley
Lighting Design by Chaz Gentry
Desert set by Edwards Greenhouse: Matt Johnson and Erin Monnie
Cyclops armature by Noel Weber
Assistant animation Jonathan Vaughan
Co-written by Dusty Aunan and Zach Voss
Compositing by Jake Kuwana, Zach Voss, Hutt Wigley
Sound Design and Mix by Daniel Kerr
Storyboards and Graphic Design by James Llyod
Edited by Zach Voss
Band Graphics by Ryan Donahue
Dusty Aunan as The Captain
Special thanks to Oliver Russell, Raylene Brent, Jesse Cordtz, Jake Fullilove, Melody English, Gregory Allen