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WOOW is above all a creative and nonstandard spirit
WOOW is passion and synergy
WOOW is a creation studio founded by 6 professionals sharing their specific itineraries, experience and expertise

They worked in every field: from graphic design to production, editing, directing, and even web production… After a decade working for prestigious TV channels, advertisement, music video and short fiction, the 6 companions decided to unite their talent and experience in a single structure.

They followed their intuitions regarding the turning of the digital era, and soon chose to specialize in the use of such new tools as the RED EPIC and the Canon 5D Mark II cameras.

In less than 3 years together, they have produced and directed audiovisual projects for numerous TV channels, advertising agencies and prestigious brands:
Canal+, M6, NRJ 12, France2, France 4, France Ô, Les Césars, Les Echos, Valéo, Deezer, EDF, Orange, Louis Vuitton, Havas, Emmaüs, La Fédération française de football...

For Canal+, they ensured the executive production of Le Grand Mag, producing and directing the TV sets, as well as numerous reports. They also produced and directed a documentary “For all of Columbia’s gold” (52’, Jan. 2012, directed by Pascale Mariani and Roméo Langlois for Special Investigation), finalist of the prestigious Albert Londres prize.
With France 24, they coproduced Roméo Langlois’s last report in Columbia, “Caught in the Crossfire” – about his kidnapping by the FARC guerilla - a report that won the 2013 Albert Londres prize.

Their last adventures opened international perspectives for them. Perspectives they are exploring, now developing many projects and directing more and more films.

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