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Protecting What You Love

Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council offers a variety of educational and instructional videos to help citizens understand the inherent fragility of our vital water resources and promote restoration and protection.

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Stormwater Pollution - Fish Bowl

When stormwater runoff flows over roads, sidewalks, lawns, and gardens, it picks up substances like dirt, fertilizers, oil, salt, and bacteria. Additional pollution comes from nutrients used in fertilizers applied to lawns and gardens, as well as pet waste, and sediments from soil particles that are washed away from bare spots in lawns and gardens, roadways, and other areas of exposed soils. Stormwater can also contain other pollutants such as toxins and heavy metals. Most stormwater runoff washes into nearby water bodies carrying these pollutants from the places where we live and work into lakes and streams.

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Footage provided by the WaterShed Partners "Minnesota Water - Let's Keep it Clean" campaign.