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4K | Hooked Blackmagic Harbour

Blackmagic 4K camera shoot of Rotterdam harbour, spot the Amira :)

Everybody seems to have their favorite spots, mine is the harbour of Rotterdam. When I got the Blackmagic 4K I spend three days in March driving around the harbour to capture some stuff. One day was so misty it turned into this video: the other two days turned into this video. The idea was to take a piece of music that was almost too wel known and abuse it.

For more into on my experience with the Blackmagic camera check this page:
Will soon update with some info on my editing experience, just incase anyone cares :)

Here some behind the scene pics shot with the EOS M to give you some idea of the BM 4K setup:

File for private use available for download.

Blackmagic Production camera
Canon 100-400
Canon 70-200
Lots of wind

Music: Beethoven 5th Symphony
Licensed from