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  1. Vinyl "LP" DVD | Full Film

    Vinyl's second full length DVD. Filmed mostly in the United States, and Europe. A trail based film that features some street and concrete riding. Filming process took from 2008-2012. The "LP" was release on March 1st 2013.

    Produced By:
    Filming/Editing By: Tom Arkus

    Brian Yeagle
    Mark Potoczny
    Ryan Wert
    Tom Arkus
    Brad Gibbs
    Vince Primel
    Jeremy Muller
    Ryan Popple
    Chris Doyle
    Denis Mowgly
    Chase Zink
    Tom Dillon
    Ryan Melia
    Brandan Pundai "Punjab"
    Issac Hoefling
    Kevin Porter
    Mark Mulville
    Gary Young
    Alex Magallan
    Jason Willis
    Brian Foster
    Clint Reynolds
    Bobby Delaat
    Thomas Robinson "Robbo"
    Lima Eltham
    Jonathan "Quaggy" Hoagland
    and Friends

  2. Vinyl "LP" DVD | Brian Yeagle & Crew

    Brian Yeagle and crew run trains at there local trails to cap off the ender of the "LP" DVD. Featuring Brian Yeagle, Tom Arkus, Ryan Popple, Mark Potoczny, Tom Dillon, Chris Doyle, and Ryan Wert.

  3. Vinyl "LP" DVD | Ryan Wert

    Ryan Wert is a Pittsburgh native, he brings a ton of energy to his riding which makes for some really good entertainment.

  4. Vinylbmx | Colorado 2013

    This past summer the Vinyl crew took a 20 hour journey from Pennsylvania to Colorado to ride and hike some of the finest Rocky Mountain parks. Featuring, Brian Yeagle, Mark Potoczny, Ryan Popple, Tom Arkus, Chase Zink, Tom Dillon, Teddy Van Orman, Mike Meister, Cody Landers, and friends.

  5. Vinyl "LP" DVD | Ryan Popple, Clint Reynolds & Friends

    Featuring: Clint Reynolds, Ryan Popple, Brian Foster, Foerske, Jelle, and a mix of the Vinyl crew doing trains in the woods.

  6. Vinyl "LP" DVD | Mark Potoczny

    Mark's riding holds the test of time which is heavily inspired by motorcross riding. There is a good bit of concrete and street to show that Mark is not scared to ride all types of terrain.