Welcome to my full portfolio website. I am Rick Neely, a Digital Media Artist with over 18 years experience. I often work in Premiere Pro, AVID & Final Cut Studio, among other programs- though some of my older samples show that I learned the trade back in the Axial and Grass Valley Linear edit suites era. I also enjoy the opportunity to utilize 3rd party animation programs like Photoshop, After Effects, Apple Motion, and Livetype. I consider myself an Editor who animates versus the current wave of Artists who are animators who may also edit. My work tells a story- even when it might just be a sizzle reel. Within the music, the video, and the effects there is always a narrative I keep in mind while creating something.

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Club 2012 Sungarde (maui)

I was hired to edit Sungarde's Club 2011 convention in Maui. An amazing hotel with a hoarde of events covered. I edited a piece that was nearly 10 minutes and comprised 4 HD camera footage types, including Underwater photography, and even GoPro footage. Edited on Final Cut with After effects inserts.



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