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Sea of Love 3D

Hidden beneath the waves lies a world ofunexpected romance and extraordinary devotion.

We often overlook the presence of love in the life of sea animals – within their families, communities, schools
and friendship circles.

The potato cod may not sound romantic, but watch a pair caressing and nuzzling up to each other for an
hour or more, oblivious to all around, and it becomes hard not to see romance. Watch a dazzlingly colored
male sea dragon so laden with babies that it can barely move and can hardly feed itself, and it becomes
harder not to see extreme devotion.

The Sea of Love explores the many ways marine animals show their love for one another. Watch underwater
beings develop friendships, romantic liaisons, parental bonds, and fulfill their community duties. Whether it
involves sacrifice, sharing and caring, or flirting, singing, dancing and romancing, the theme is one of
attraction, attachment and care for others.

The Sea of Love shines a light into the clefts and crannies of the ocean’s reefs where love and caring exist
beyond our wildest expectations. It begins where love is irrelevant - with the spectacle of mass coral
spawning, the ultimate in indiscriminate coupling - but then reveals the intimate and social bonding
behaviour of the ocean’s real lovers.

Discover the customs of the deep when it comes to finding a partner. You may find some bizarre, yet
strangely familiar.

Filmed with newly developed underwater housing technology by a cameraman with over 15 years’ experience
filming underwater, “Sea of Love” offers a sharpness and quality never before experienced even on IMAX

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