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Mike Stern Sterzynski

Director Of Photography, New Media Director

Master of Art in Motion Picture & Fine Art Photography
Master of Art in New Media

Academy Of Fine Art's in Poznan
Global Cinematography Institute Los Angeles


The plot starts in Los Angeles and from there it moves on

to Poland. Main character of the movie is Sophia. Her life in is in

tatters. Sophie's child died in a tragic accident.

Her husband, not coping with the feeling of guilt, left

home and never came back. She is alone and is not

planning future. Few years after her huband's

dissaperance, Sophie recieves a strange phone call.

Man with an eastern accent informs her, that he knows

where her husband is. He gives her tips what to do to

finde him and than the voice in the phone fade away.

Main character flies to her husbands motherland -Poland.

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