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Close Range Aerial Video

Since 2005, Perfect Perspectives has been flying large, professional cameras on remotely piloted helicopters. Over 3 decades of professional experience allows for an unlimited variety of creative, dynamic and visually stunning shot possibilities as shown in this collection of videos.

Golf HD Aerial Flyover Video - HVX200 Helicam

HD aerial video of Midwest Golf Course. Call 937-272-5952 or visit for more info. These unique systems can carry modified 35mm motion picture and HD video cameras such as the Canon 5D, Red One, Sony EX-1 or Panasonic AF100 for up to one hour. We have recently started flying the Red Epic M for the motion picture industry with spectacular results!

Perfect Perspectives has over 34 years of experience flying unmanned helicopters. Our work includes major motion pictures, television, documentaries, music videos, defense R & D, high end real estate, engineering and construction and corporate media/advertising. Let our wealth of technical expertise provide a spectacular new dimension to your next project.

We travel to all points on the third rock from the sun!

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