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Close Range Aerial Video

Since 2005, Perfect Perspectives has been flying large, professional cameras on remotely piloted helicopters. Over 3 decades of professional experience allows for an unlimited variety of creative, dynamic and visually stunning shot possibilities as shown in this collection of videos.

Golf HD Aerial Flyover Video - HVX200 Drone

HD aerial video of Midwest Golf Course. Call 937-272-5952 or visit for more info. These unique systems can carry modified 35mm motion picture and HD video cameras such as the Canon 5D, Red One, Sony EX-1 or Panasonic AF100 for up to one hour. We have recently started flying the Red Epic M for the motion picture industry with spectacular results!

Perfect Perspectives lead pilot has over 35 years of experience flying unmanned helicopters. Our work includes major motion pictures, television, documentaries, music videos, defense R & D, high end real estate, engineering and construction and corporate media/advertising. Let our wealth of technical expertise provide a spectacular new dimension to your next project.

We travel to all points on the third rock from the sun!

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