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Manifest Film

This is a list of the most recent projects by Manifest Film

Jack's Exodus

Jack's Exodus is a non-profit film for private use only, and is not for sale or resale. It is
strictly for the promotional use of the filmmaker. It is in NO way endorsed by 2k or Gearbox
Software, nor is it intended to undermine or compete with any existing or forthcoming
material. Jack's Exodus is created for fun and should not be sold, rented or used for anything
of the sort. Manifest Film, Anthony Pietromonaco, and Veritas Gold make no claim to any of the
characters, locations, storyline, props, costume designs, logos, names or situations that are
trademarked, copyrighted or otherwise protected by the federal, state, international or other
intellectual property law. This film is produced solely for the personal enjoyment of the cast,
crew and any video game fan. No copyright infringement is intended or implied.

Created by Manifest Film (
Written and directed by Anthony Pietromonaco
Executive Produced by Machinima (
Executive Produced by Harold Whitfield (
Executive Produced by David Daneshforooz
Joel Hebner as Handsome Jack (
Eric Gable as Zero
Psychos played by Jay Kwon, Thibault Laporte, and Jenny Burpee
Produced by Anthony Pietromonaco, KT Kent, Joel Hebner, and Chadd Dorak
Machinima Leads: Joel Rubin and Woody Tondorf
Director of Photography: Wey Wang
Steadicam Operator: Keil Eulberg
1st AC: Trevor Taylor
2nd AC: Melanie Adams
VFX and Color Correction: Anton Gaskell
Special effects and Makeup: Afton Adams
Assistant SPFX: Alexis Tassone
Zero Costume: Detravoid Concept (
Psycho masks and Buzzsaws: Steven K Smith (
Handsome Jack Costume: Rebecca Sevrin (
Jack's Gun and New U Station construction: Dan Gallagher
Shield Generators: Dan Russo
Sound Designer: KT Kent
Sound Editor: Josh Reinhart
Foley artist: Lara Dale
Costume Repairs: Leslie Anne
Storyboards and concept art: Matt Eskew
Photography: Giuseppe Rinaldi
Assistant Photography: Will Bliss
Voice of New U station: KT Kent
Miscellaneous Voices: Anthony Pietromonaco
Grip and Lighting provided by Quixote
Special Thanks: Machi Block, Pheak Chneang, Arthur Khoshaba, Lars Koerkemeieir, Andre Bolourchi, Pat McIntire, Kurtis Myers, Cherly McIntire, Sean McIntire, James Gips, Zhara Buck, Josh Daneshforooz, Shane Habibian, Dylan Kidder, Jeff Arnone. Scott Hernandez, Leslie Anne

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