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  1. The ¼-20 Flashner

    The ¼-20 Flashner converts a Standard ¼-20 tripod mount to a Flash Shoe. Attach any accessory that has a ¼-20 tripod mount directly to the Scorpion Accessory Shoe, Accessory Wing, or Camera. The ¼-20 Flashner also works with our Flashner kits ensuring you can mount everything you need for your next shoot.

  2. GH2 Skate Ty Evans and Atiba Jefferson

    Our Friends Ty Evans & Atiba Jefferson made this short film for Panasonic to test out the GH2 Camera. We are proud to announce that the Cam Caddie Scorpion was used exclusively during the making of this film. Thanks!

  3. Cam Caddie Demo

    The Cam Caddie is versatile tool for all levels of video photography. From shooting family and friends to feature films and professional production value the Cam Caddie saves time and money and improves the smoothness of any hand-held camera.

  4. Cine Gear 2010

    Get a look at CineGear 2010 hosted at Paramount Studios.



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