Natalie Gaza "Life is a Blur"

Natalie Gaza came up to me at Paul Henry' a few weeks ago and explained that she completed an album and needed a little help in finishing the mix. She asked if I would help her do a little video for KickStarter to raise the funds needed. Having seen her play before, of course I jumped at the chance. I produced this little "personal profile" of her and hopefully you will help fulfill that little dream of finishing this album.

  1. "Life is a Blur" Natalie Gaza

    I am a special education teacher, and I have witnessed firsthand how music can transform lives, can bring joy and meaning to anyone. I have worked on these recordings little by little in the last six months because I have, to this point, funded this project by myself.
    With your help I can complete this project and give it the attention to detail that I believe it deserves! I think you will like it, too.