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S4 2012

Digital Bond's SCADA Security Scientific Symposium held in January 2012 in Miami Beach, FL.

65 of the worlds top DCS and SCADA Security talent gather to discuss ICS security. The presentations are very technical and avoid SCADASEC 101 or IT Security 101.

Project Basecamp

Reid Wightman of Digital Bond provides 90 minutes of technical meat on PLC vulnerabilities and Basecamp exploit tools. To use Reid's words, it was a bloodbath.

Project Basecamp Researchers: Dillon Beresford, Jacob Kitchel, Ruben Santamarta, Reid Wightman and two researchers who prefer anonymity.

The Devices: GE D20, Control Microsystems SCADAPack, Koyo e-web, Modicon Quantum, Rockwell Automation's ControlLogix and MicroLogix, SEL-2032