Julie Ward," From Business Mom to Bedroom Siren", Toronto Women's Expo, Downsview Park, Studio 3, December 1, 2012

Julie Ward, a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach and devoted life-long learner, brings over 20+ years of extensive training to her practice that includes Transformational, Body-Centered Psychotherapy, Feminine Presence Embodiment, NLP, Landmark Education Curriculum and private studies with acclaimed spiritual & sexuality teachers.
She has strong family-oriented values and believes that our intimate relationships hold the keys to the locked parts of our souls that long to be fully expressed. She is a very proud mother of two incredible daughters and is a woman who has resiliently triumphed over her own life challenges such as rape, domestic violence and a few relationships.
With a successful, results-oriented corporate track record with giants like GE, Fidelity and CIBC since 1985, she developed a “rubber hits the road” edge that proved invaluable for resolving inherited “train-wreck” projects. In 1996, single, with a 3-year old she decided she needed “more money and less hours”. She quit her job, taking her first private consulting contract and she’s never looked back. She now works in service of relationship excellence – with one’s Self and others.
As an insightful and inspiring relationship contributor she speaks and writes internationally about Intimacy, Sexuality and Relationship. Her compelling story, will be published in her forth-coming book, “As I Go Home, One Woman’s Journey Recovering from Rape” with excerpts being published in 2013 in The Gratitude Project book and The Goddess Imperative’s – Women’s Empowerment book.
From Business Mom to Bedroom Siren
Women often come home harried from a fast-paced business day, tweeting and texting as they walk in the door, juggling briefcase and take-out food over each arm. The kids dive in with a warm and loving “I’m hungry!! What’s for dinner?” Their partner arrives moments later – with his “deer in the head look” after his crazy day and grabs the remote. Food, laundry, homework, more work-work and finally into the much awaited climax of the day – the bedroom – ready for “you know what”! SLEEP! In this, sometimes hilarious and other times edgy speech learn proven ways how to reconnect with your partner! Would you want to feel more relaxed, have more fun, be supported and fully enjoying life’s many pleasures including intimate connection and sex without all the stress of “making it happen”? Then come hear from Julie Ward, ReconneXYons Coach.

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