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Chefs have incredible recipes and they are eager to share them with home cooks. Often times it is not about the list of ingredients that goes into the recipe that makes it delicious, it's the way the chef concepts flavors and textures. We like to learn about the thinking behind the recipe and not just the step-by-step. These recipes give the home cook the understanding of why the dish works well and is given the confidence to not only try it, but also adapt it.

Recipe: Seared Turnips with Bacon and Micro Greens

Client: SCANPAN Cookware

Cathy Erway, author of "The Art of Eating In," makes a fantastic seven course meal that any home cook can follow.

Using fresh ingredients and Scanpan cookware, Cathy walks you through each course step by step.

In this fourth course, she shares her recipe for seared turnips while using the Professional Saute Pan from Scanpan.