The tangram is originally an ancient Chinese puzzle that has been handed down from generation to generation. Sometimes referred to as the wisdom puzzle, the tangram is made up of seven geometric pieces that are assembled to form new shapes. Tangram Design Lab was founded on this very notion of constant evolution based on a deep understanding and creativity that result in new value for the user experience. Tangram Design Lab has continued to evolve by building on its wide range of expertise and by constantly aiming for novelty across all types of media. Tangram Design Lab is dedicated to creating new areas of user experience by predicting the future.

Since it was established in May 2008, Tangram Design Lab continues to maintain a strong partnership with such leading global companies as Samsung Electronics, Samsung Techwin, Samsung SDS, and Samsung Everland. Based on these partnerships, Tangram Design Lab has developed OS, software, mobile applications for the latest technology products. It has also successfully launched its own brand, ‘TANGRAM’ both in Korea and around the world and is increasing its reach in the field user experience design. Tangram Design Lab has been awarded with the Venture Company Certificate by the Small and Medium Business Administration and is dedicated to growing into a user-centered experience design company in both areas of software and hardware.

Tangram Design Lab consists of the UX Design Part which plans and designs user experience, the BX Design Part which develops products based on user experience and the FX Design Part that translates user environment and experience into visuals. Among these three parts, the UX Design Part is the key department at Tangram Design Lab and it includes he Interface Planning Team, Graphic Design Team and Development Team. Based on the collective and inter-connected experience and expertise from each part, Tangram Design Lab provides the ultimate user-based design service.

User eXperience Design Part
The User Experience Design Part plans and designs information based on the research and analysis of logical user experience.

Behavior eXperience Design Part
The Behavior Experience Design Part designs user-centered products that were inspired by the user’s hidden behavior.

Futuristic eXperience Design Part
The Production Part plans and designs virtual scenarios based on the analysis of future user environments.


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