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Dane Neves filmography

Short films by award-winning filmmaker Dane Neves.

The Monkeyboy Fever

On the eve of his senior prom, a boy is bitten by a wild monkey and transforms into a primate himself overnight.

I directed this film as a 499 thesis film for the University of Hawaii Academy for Creative Media (ACM) in 2007 under the guidance of Executive Producer Joel Moffett. This was my last film as a film student and I wanted to really go big. At the time, all other ACM films were either romantic comedies or ethnic coming-of-age dramas. "The Monkeyboy Fever" was a dark horse in that it defied the standard practices we were taught as film students as it found inspiration from obscure motion pictures such as Disney's rather violent 1995 Mickey Mouse short film, "Runaway Brain". We had a barebones video crew (myself as Director/Writer/Producer/Editor/Puppeteer and Jesse Hiraya as the Director of Photography) and the drive to make the most shockingly hilarious B-movie that has ever come out of ACM.

A proud asset of mine is this film's excellent special make-up effects by the very talented Bryan D. Furer. Furer was tasked with transforming actor Tanner Tokuyama into a monkey/human hybrid. Needless to say, his "Planet of the Apes" face pieces came in very handy. Tokuyama spend about 3 hours in the makeup chair (a torturous experience) on the days where he portrayed the hybrid and was a very good sport about it.

"The Monkeyboy Fever" was filmed in the Spring of 2007 and premiered at the Hawaii International Film Festival that fall where it won the Oceanic Cable VOD Viewer's Choice Award. It went on to impress audiences once more at the 2008 Pacific Islands Film Festival where it won the Audience Award.

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