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Dane Neves filmography

Short films by award-winning filmmaker Dane Neves.

Poison Apple (2013) Directed by Dane Neves

The classic story of Snow White told through the eyes of the infamous poison apple. Featuring 5 original songs, magical special effects, and stunning puppetry, this film has all the ingredients for awesome, all-ages entertainment.

This short film came to fruition (pun intended) because of my die-hard admiration of Disney animated fairy tales. From the films of the Disney Golden Age ("Snow White", "Pinocchio", "Peter Pan", etc.) to films of the Disney Renaissance era ("The Little Mermaid", "Beauty and the Beast", "Aladdin", etc.) to the films of the Disney Revival era ("The Princess and the Frog", "Tangled", "Frozen", etc.), each fairy tale evoked a sense of wonder and charm. I wanted "Poison Apple" to simulate that.

Adapting the source material was the easy party. The challenge with "Poison Apple" was trying to pull of a Germany-set period piece in modern-day Hawaii. Fortunately, Hawaii isn't all beaches and tropical mountains. Hawaii is home to a vast array of natural environments from forests to dessert to swamps and our production team was fortunate to have access to these locales.

As with all of my other films, "Poison Apple" heavily incorporates the art of puppetry. There are 6 apple characters, all of which are portrayed by foam hand puppets. However, to accommodate the variety of shot types and the interactions with human actors, more than 10 puppets of varying sizes and functionalities were built by hand.

We began production at the end of 2012, coincidentally the 200th anniversary of the original Brothers Grimm fairy tale Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. In this year, two Snow White movies had been released - "Mirror Mirror" and "Snow White and the Huntsman". So, the subject was very topical. "Poison Apple" took the classic Snow White story and presented it through a totally different point of view; a point of view of the most unlikely character.

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