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South Palm Church

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  1. At the Movies: The Fault in Our Stars - Dealing with Disappointment

    Pastor David Luster shares some practical points on dealing with disappointment.

  2. At the Movies: Edge of Tomorrow - Dying to Live

    Pastor Stan Coleman shares what it means to Die, Live, Repeat and on the importance of Baptism.

  3. Love Where You Live: Love Works

    Pastor Stan Coleman shares what Love WORKS means and why it's important to love where you live.

  4. Love Where You Live

    Do you love where you live? We're not just talking about loving the South Florida lifestyle; we're talking about loving the place, the people and the opportunities to make a difference right where we live. Join the movement! Learn how you can LOVE WHERE YOU LIVE!

  5. Give Me Faith: Disappointed but not Discouraged

    In the finale of the Give Me Faith series, Pastor Stan shares that discouragement is a choice and gives us tools to deal with Disappointments.

  6. Give Me Faith - Finding Hope

    Pastor David Luster shares an incredible message on finding hope when you encounter battles and struggles in life.



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