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Skylight is an independent documentary film and human rights organization committed to producing artistic, challenging and socially relevant films on issues of human rights and the quest for justice. Whatever the medium, we believe that stories, and the people behind them, are paramount.

We engage, educate and increase understanding of human rights using film & digital technology.

State of Fear

State of Fear takes place in Peru, yet serves as a cautionary tale for a world engaged in a "global war on terror". It dramatizes the human and societal costs a democracy faces when it embarks on a "war" against terror, a "war" potentially without end, all too easily exploited by unscrupulous leaders seeking personal political gain.

An unforgettable array of characters takes us down a troubling road peopled by perpetrators and victims, and bystanders who only watched as the horror unfolded. But it is also the story of courageous Peruvians who fought to maintain their democracy and defend human rights, and persevered in their quest for truth and justice.

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