During the summer of 2014, Justin Ahrens of Rule29 and Brian MacDonald of Wonderkind Studios rode from Boston to our hometown of Chicago (1,200+ miles) for a life-changing cause. In collaboration with Lifewater, a nonprofit working towards solutions for the world's water crisis, the Wheels4Water ride provided water for life to over 2,000 people in a Ugandan community.

On the way, Justin and Brian filtered water from natural sources and told everyone about Africa’s reality. The experience was shared across multiple mediums, including video, social media, and print materials. If you would like to support Wheels4Water, we will continue to raise money throughout the year, even now that the ride is over. Please go to the website to make a donation: wheels4water.org/donate

We've Really Done It This Time...

Wheels4Water has BIG news: as of this week we surpassed the $100,000 mark!

Thanks to the support of generous individuals and corporate sponsors over 2,500 people in Lira, Uganda will receive access to clean water and sanitation resources FOR LIFE! Thank you to everyone who has joined the journey to make this dream a reality. Want to learn more about Wheels4Water and see what led us to today? Make sure you check out the videos we made to document our journey on the road and beyond: vimeopro.com/rule29/wheels4water-cycling-1000-miles-to-help-1000-people

And, as if that weren't enough big news for the week, make sure you stay tuned for our next big adventure...Coming soon! Stay updated at wheels4water.org